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Social Media

How it works

The presence of one company in social networks can be viewed from several aspects:

The thorough knowledge of the benefits and limitations of each of the channels provides the basis for effective communication with your customers and reputation management of your brand.

What targeting options are available

The advertising in social networks is developing very dynamically, allowing more accurate (precise) targeting of the target audiences, based on different demographics or interests, or behavior. The social networks allow rapid and relatively inexpensive campaign management to a wider audience (as long as products and services exist, and are aimed at the mass market). Different publishers provide different forms of advertising, so you should familiarize yourself well in advance with their capabilities.

Different social networks in the country have different characteristics and include various audiences. Although the listed here networks are main for the country and cover almost all Bulgarian Internet users one way or another, each of them has its own specific characteristics. Our experts, with many years of experience, will be able to offer you the optimum mix for your more accurate (precise) targeting in social networks.

How it helps you grow your business

The reputation maintenance in social networks can be an effective tool by the promotion of your business. It helps you by:

Increasing the company’s image trust in it;
Reaching a larger audience for relative lower price;
Giving an opportunity to manage the appearance of your company in the community;
Giving opportunities for selection and targeting of the right target groups, who your message should reach;
Helping increase the sales of your goods or services;
Optimizing the marketing expenses by providing multiple options for results accounting of the campaigns;
Providing more free time for you and your team.