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Mobile Advertising

How it works

The investment in mobile advertising is mandatory this year. The trend is that the advertising on mobile devices will expand its range more and more. Today, there are no obstacles for the implementation of advertising campaigns on mobile networks as well as on desktop computers.

The good news is that the mobile market is still insatiable for ads, so, the effect of advertising will be greater there.

In order to receive a good media campaign in first-class (premium) websites, you need specialists, who have access to the respective tools, to measure the best options for advertising banners positioning. Since the premium mobile ad is more expensive than many of the other types, is almost necessarily to trust the professionals, if you have decided to invest your budget in such websites.

In Bulgaria the Internet use is reported by Gemius.bg. The data from Gemius.bg serves as initial information, so it is determined, which are the websites that are most likely to be visited by your users.

The BorisovStudios uses Gemius.bg software when planning campaigns in Premium network. This way, in combination with our experience, we ensure maximum accurate targeting of your advertising messages.

Price models

In most cases, banner ad on mobile sites and apps is purchased at a cost per 1,000 impressions basis. The cost of this type of advertising is often higher than the other forms. You can use different types of discounts – volume, preferential, and so on. Ad networks offer a way to buy clicks and these are the preferred forms for most advertisers at the moment. The CPA pricing model is not yet widely spread in Bulgaria, but it is expected to appear in the first-rate sites within a few years. The BorisovStudios works with publishers of most premium websites and ad networks in the country and can provide attractive bids for mobile advertising campaigns.