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Google ads

How Adwords works?

Google Adwords is good for both B2C and B2B companies. These include startups, online stores or heavier and narrowly-oriented companies such as construction, architecture, equipment manufacturing, and more.

Basic campaign parameters are defined – budget, audience, goal.

The type of advertising – text, display, video, remarketing – is determined by the end goal to be set. Various formats can be combined to better represent and capture a wider range of potential audiences.

Ad serving is monitored daily to see which works better, and why necessary additional adjustments are needed to reach more people later and reduce the cost of clicks, impressions, or conversions.

What targeting options are available

The Google Adwords ad allows a detailed breakdown of the targeted audience. We are talking not only about gender, age and location, but also about language, interests, devices, keywords, and more. Interestingly, Google Adwords accounts for 80% of online users in each country.

How it helps you to grow your business

By properly using and tuning ads in Google Adwords, you can easily achieve your ultimate goal, such as increasing sales or placing a new product on the market, reaching a narrow circle of potential customers, building a brand, increasing interactions, inquiries through your website, and remind people about your services and / or products.